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Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati, OH

The Contemporary Arts Center (CAC) in Cincinnati, Ohio, is a premier institution dedicated to contemporary art. Founded in 1939, it is one of the first modern art institutions in the United States and plays a significant role in Cincinnati's cultural landscape. Information can be found here.


The CAC is housed in the Lois & Richard Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art, an iconic building designed by acclaimed architect Zaha Hadid. Opened in 2003, this architectural masterpiece is notable for its innovative design, featuring dynamic spaces that challenge traditional museum layouts. The building is considered a work of art and a landmark in contemporary architecture. See here for information about Fountain Square in Cincinnati, OH.


The CAC is renowned for its dynamic and thought-provoking exhibitions. It does not maintain a permanent collection, which allows it to focus on temporary exhibitions showcasing contemporary artists worldwide. These exhibitions span various media, including painting, sculpture, photography, video, and performance art. The center is dedicated to presenting challenging and inspiring work, often addressing pressing social and cultural issues.

Educational Programs

The CAC offers various educational programs to engage the community and foster an appreciation for contemporary art. These include:

Artist Talks and Lectures: There are opportunities to hear from artists and experts in the field.

Workshops and ClassesHands-on activities for all ages that encourage creative exploration.

School ProgramsCollaborations with local schools to provide students with access to contemporary art and educational resources.


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