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Cincinnati Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Cincinnati Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

The Cincinnati motorcycle accident lawyers at Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys can help victims after a crash. Schedule a consultation to learn how.

Anyone operating a motorcycle can be at risk of an accident. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), two-wheeler operators are overrepresented in fatal traffic crashes, as many die annually due to incidents involving motorcycles. The NHTSA's latest report says that 5,579 motorcyclists died in 2020 alone. In Ohio, the statistics are also alarming. Information released by the Ohio State Highway Patrol showed that 896 motorcycle fatalities were reported from 2017 to 2021 as follows: 2017: 157 2018: 144 2019: 160 2020: 212 2021: 223 Based on these figures, around 179.2 motorcycle operators die each year due to traffic accidents. However, motorcycle accidents are not always caused by riders. In many cases, a third party is liable for the incident and the injuries they suffer. Therefore, victims must be prepared to take legal action and recover the compensation they deserve. A Cincinnati motorcycle accident lawyer can help victims build a strong case to seek justice if they were injured or a family member was killed in a traffic incident involving a two-wheeler. Here's a look at what professionals can do.

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Injuries that Riders Can Suffer in a Motorcycle Accident

Since motorcycles are not enclosed vehicles, accidents involving these two-wheelers can be devastating and much more severe than other vehicle crashes. These are some injuries that victims can sustain:

  • Road rash

  • Facial fractures

  • Broken bones

  • Head and neck injuries

  • Foot and leg injuries

  • Spinal cord injuries

  • Hand and arm injuries

  • Abdominal injuries

  • Burns

  • Muscle injuries

  • Disfigurement


Some injuries can be disabling. The ones that fall into this category are limb amputations, paralysis, and traumatic brain injuries (TBI). In the worst-case scenario, these accidents can also cause death. 

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Besides being essential to avoiding them, understanding the common causes of motorcycle accidents can help victims prove that they were not at fault for their injuries.

Most motorcycle crashes are avoidable if the rider knows the vehicle, understands how to operate it, and follows traffic rules. However, cars on the road or other parties can cause accidents if they do any of the following:

Left Turns

One of the primary causes of motorcycle accidents is a left turn. Many incidents have resulted from a vehicle suddenly turning to the left in front of a rider when they are passing another car or driving through an intersection.


In most road accidents, the car driver has less risk of serious injury. However, riders are more exposed to certain hazards and can end up severely injured or even disabled after a crash caused by a left turn.

Head-On Collisions

This type of collision often happens when drivers or riders drive at high speeds. Therefore, they are significantly fatal, especially when a car is involved.

Lane Splitting

Sometimes, a motorcycle rider splits lanes to drive between slow-moving or stopped vehicles. If a car has approached the two-wheelers too closely, an accident may occur.

Lane-splitting accidents often happen due to other vehicles' proximity to the motorcycle, the reduced space the rider has to maneuver, and the car driver's lack of anticipation that someone might pass them.


In Ohio and other US states, lane splitting is illegal, and recovering compensation in these cases can be difficult. Therefore, riders who have suffered a crash and sustained injuries as a result of this action should seek help from a motorcycle accident lawyer.

Poor Road Conditions

Many motorcycle accidents occur due to poor road conditions, including inadequate signage, inclement weather, potholes, or debris on the route.


Many people feel adrenaline when driving or riding at high speeds, but it can lead to collisions and other accidents.

Speeding is one of the main causes of wrecking, especially if riders operate their two-wheelers on roads that are not designed for fast riding.

Unsafe Lane Switching

When they switch lanes without checking their blind spots, drivers can collide with motorcyclists and cause severe injuries.

Impaired Driving

Another major cause of motorcycle accidents is driving while drunk or under the influence. Alcohol and other controlled substances can affect judgment, reaction time, and control while driving or riding. As a result, accidents are more likely to happen.

Other common causes of motorcycle accidents also include the following:

  • Roadway defects

  • Red light running

  • Failure to yield the right-of-way

  • Motorcycle part defects

  • Distracted or negligent drivers

  • Dangerous weather conditions


If the crash was caused by a reckless or negligent party, victims could contact a Cincinnati motorcycle accident attorney and take legal action to recover compensation.

How Is Fault Determined In a Motorcycle Accident in Cincinnati, Ohio?

Determining who is at fault in motorcycle accident cases can take time, as both lawyers and authorities may need months or years to complete an investigation.

However, in most cases, the driver of the car or truck involved in motorcycle accidents is often found responsible for the crash.

When it comes to financial liability, vehicle damages, and other losses resulting from a motorcycle accident, Ohio relies on a comparative negligence system. In other words, the party held liable for the crash must compensate anyone who was injured by the incident.

Nonetheless, when both parties are found at fault in motorcycle accident cases, compensation is based on the percentage of fault. A person who was 10% liable for the crash only receives 90% of the compensation, for example.

Furthermore, those who suffered a motorcycle accident and sustained injuries or faced significant losses can seek compensation through the following methods:

  • File a claim with their own insurance company

  • File a motorcycle accident claim in state court

  • File a claim with an at-fault party's insurance company


Since choosing the best route for each case can be complicated and depends on different variables, those who have suffered a motorcycle crash should seek legal advice from experienced motorcycle accident lawyers.

What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident in Cincinnati, Ohio

Any rider who has been in a motorcycle accident due to another party's negligence or wrongdoing should take a few critical steps, if possible, to increase their chances of success. These include the following:

#1 Get to a Safe Place

The first thing riders should do after a motorcycle accident is to check their surroundings and see if they are out of harm's way.

If possible, those affected should move off the roadway to avoid being further injured by oncoming cars. If other people were involved in the motorcycle accident, it is important to help them get to a safe place, too.

#2 Call the Police

Once away from roadway danger, riders should call the police to report the motorcycle accident.

When speaking with police officers, it is essential to describe the accident and give key details, including what happened before, during, and after the crash.

Victims should also make sure to obtain a police report and verify that it has the following information:

  • All parties involved' contact information

  • Eyewitnesses' contact information

  • Diagram of the motorcycle accident scene

  • Details about weather and road conditions when the accident occurred

  • Any traffic citations issued to the other party involved in the motorcycle accident

#3 Do Not Remove Protective Gear

Moreover, those involved in motorcycle accidents should not remove their protective wear after the crash. It ensures that injuries do not get worse.

Ideally, those who have been injured in a motorcycle accident should wait until paramedics arrive to remove their helmets or other protective gear.

#4 Seek Medical Care

Even if victims don't feel hurt or can't see a physical wound, they should seek medical attention after a motorcycle accident.

Sometimes, injuries don't show up right after the collision but days, weeks, or even months later. However, by seeking prompt medical attention, those affected can be sure that any motorcycle injury is diagnosed and treated promptly.

In addition, it is essential to follow the treatment and the doctor's recommendations, as well as not to miss any scheduled appointments.

#5 Gather Key Information

If possible, victims should also take photos and videos of the incident scene and gather information on the vehicles involved, especially if they are not at fault and expect to file a motorcycle accident claim against the liable parties.

Furthermore, riders should write down everything they remember about the accident and the possible causes of the crash as soon as possible, as recalling those crucial details is essential during the legal process.

#6 Contact Cincinnati Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Finally, those involved in a motorcycle accident should seek legal assistance from an experienced attorney to build a strong case, fight for their rights, and get the compensation they deserve.

Experienced Cincinnati motorcycle accident attorneys know the traffic regulations in the city and other parts of Ohio. Therefore, they can handle the whole process, including collecting evidence or contacting the insurance company, while affected people focus on their physical and emotional recovery.

Client Testimonial

They were polite and really cared throughout the entire process and made me feel like my case was important. I would highly recommend them to anyone that didn’t get a fair offer from the insurance company like me!

- Brian D.

What Damages Can Motorcycle Injury Victims Recover?

Yes. A personal injury lawyer in Memphis, TN, will advise the victim on what they can and can't do while they're filing their personal injury case.

In most cases, victims won't know what to do right after an accident, which can lead to them saying or doing things that the other party will use against them in a trial.

The sooner the victim talks to the personal injury lawyer of their preference, the better. Learning about the victim's rights after a personal injury accident is essential to winning, and the team at Schuerger Shunnarah is here to ensure everyone is as prepared as possible for the case.

How Cincinnati Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Can Help

Motorcycle accidents happen anytime, anywhere. Even the most experienced riders can suffer a crash and sustain permanent injuries.

However, as mentioned, these incidents aren't always the two-wheelers operators' fault. In fact, many motorcycle accidents are caused by car drivers' negligence or recklessness.

Therefore, victims should seek help from a motorcycle accident attorney to take legal action against the at-fault parties and pursue compensation for lost wages, medical bills, and other related expenses.

After a motorcycle crash, victims shouldn't have to go through a period of stress and anguish thinking about the bills they have to pay. Unfortunately, that happens in most cases.

However, a Cincinnati motorcycle accident lawyer can assist those affected in filing a claim, seeking justice, and pursuing the financial compensation they deserve to help them recover and focus on their mental and physical well-being.

Cincinnati motorcycle accident lawyers also understand how insurance companies operate and how Ohio law works. Consequently, they can build strong cases and hold conversations with all parties involved to reach a fair settlement.

Ohio Motorcycle Accident Information Center

Why Call a Cincinnati Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Having to deal with expensive medical bills, lost wages, physical pain, rehabilitation expenses, and property loss can be devastating for anyone who has been in an accident.

Fortunately, a Cincinnati motorcycle accident attorney will always go the extra mile to help victims fight for their rights and give them the peace of mind they need during such a difficult period.

Regardless of why the accident happened or their percentage of fault, professional attorneys will do everything possible to help victims get the best possible results.

In summary, this is what a Cincinnati motorcycle accident lawyer can do:

  • Offer free consultation to review the case

  • Collect evidence

  • Advise victims through the process

  • Determine who was at fault

  • Prove that the other party was at fault

  • Calculate the damage

  • Negotiate with the insurance company on behalf of the victims

  • Fight for the rights of those affected

  • Fight to get the maximum possible compensation

  • Defend riders in court if the case escalates

Call Us and Get a Free Consultation Today!

Motor vehicle accidents can happen at any time and affect people's lives forever.

Therefore, any rider who has suffered injuries in a road accident should contact an attorney to take legal action against the at-fault parties and obtain financial compensation for all related expenses.

At Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys, we understand how devastating motor vehicle accidents can be and are committed to helping all victims fight for what they deserve.

Our team is ready to build a solid case. We understand that most motorcycle accidents happen due to other parties' negligence and recklessness. Therefore, we are willing to help all injured riders prove that the crash that affected their lives was not their fault.


In addition, we want to build a healthy attorney-client relationship, so we go to great lengths to help those affected recover financial compensation for motorcycle injuries sustained.

Did you suffer a motorcycle accident and now plan to file a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault party? Our law firm has the legal team you need. Call us and get a free consultation today! We go to war for you!

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