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National Underground Railroad Freedom Center: Preserving History in Cincinnati, Ohio

An Emblem of Freedom and Justice

The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, located in Cincinnati, Ohio, stands as a powerful testament to the history of the Underground Railroad and the ongoing struggle for freedom and equality. Information can be found here.

A Symbol of Resistance

Housed in a striking architectural masterpiece along the banks of the Ohio River, this museum educates and inspires visitors about the heroic efforts of those who sought freedom from slavery. It pays tribute to the brave individuals who risked their lives to help enslaved people escape to freedom. See here for information about Carol Ann's Carousel: A Whimsical Gem in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Interactive Exhibits and Educational Programs

The Freedom Center's exhibits are interactive and thought-provoking, immersing visitors in the stories of escaped slaves, abolitionists, and the fight for civil rights. Educational programs and special events provide valuable insights into the ongoing struggle for justice.

Promoting Dialogue and Social Change

The center serves as a platform for dialogue on issues of freedom and equality, fostering a deeper understanding of the past and inspiring change for the future.

Plan a Visit

A visit to the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati is a powerful and educational experience, offering a profound connection to the struggle for freedom and justice. Explore the exhibits, learn from history, and be inspired by the stories of those who fought for a better world.


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