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How Much Are Most Motorcycle Accident Settlements?

The aftermath of a motorcycle accident can lead to overwhelming conversations and negotiations. However, it can be tough for accident victims to reach a fair final settlement amount on their own. They may not even know how much to expect.

An experienced personal injury attorney can represent them every step of the way.

Continue reading to learn more about the average amount of motorcycle accident settlements.

The Average Motorcycle Accident Settlement

The Average Motorcycle Accident Settlement

Each motorcycle accident is different, so there is no way to determine the exact amount that a victim can recover before negotiations.

However, the average motorcycle accident settlement amounts to about $80,000.

This quantity does not indicate that each motorcycle accident victim should expect to receive as much. Due to the conditions of the crash, the compensation could total more or less.

What Affects the Average Settlement Amount?

To better understand a motorcycle accident case and how much a victim could receive, it is crucial to consider the factors that play into the final amount. Some of these circumstances include:

  • The insurance company

  • Cost of property damage

  • Cost of medical bills

  • Presence of pain and suffering

The insurance companies for both the victim and the at-fault party play a role in the settlement amount. These are often the entities that try to pay as little as possible.

Sometimes, an insurance company could try to deflect the blame onto the other driver, influencing the total compensation amount.

Additionally, the costs of property damage and medical bills are considered in the negotiations, which are often the most influential determinants. If victims can prove they suffered further pain and anguish, the at-fault driver is responsible for financially compensating them.

What Damages Can a Motorcycle Accident Claim Cover?

All motorcycle accidents look different from each other. As such, the damages sustained are unique to the crash, but the settlement amount almost always compensates the costs.

An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can help victims understand what damages their settlement should cover. Generally, it can include any of the following:

Physical Injuries

Accident injuries and their resulting medical bills are typically a core part of a motorcycle injury claim. Any expense regarding medical treatment is eligible. The personal injury case can also feature compensation for future medical expenses if there are more chronic or severe injuries sustained.

Some common injuries present in motorcycle accident claims include:

  • Spinal cord injuries

  • Brain injuries

  • Soft tissue injuries

  • Broken bones

  • Head injuries

The motorcycle accident settlement can cover the cost of many other injuries. Working with personal injury lawyers can help victims receive compensation for all their medical bills.

Additionally, a legal professional can aid in cases of wrongful death.

Pain and Suffering

After sustaining motorcycle injuries, a plaintiff can incorporate added pain and suffering into their compensation. Essentially, this provides recompense for the inconvenience of putting a victim through a motorcycle crash, including the extra pain they endured.

This is also a common expense in settlements for car accidents.

A motorcycle accident settlement can cover the loss of enjoyment of life. If they work with experienced attorneys, a victim can build a strong case regarding the effect a crash had on the victim.

Mental Anguish

Personal injury cases in the aftermath of motorcycle accidents can include compensation for injuries that are not visible on the outside. Motorcycle accident victims can endure mental suffering after a crash.

Illnesses such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and panic attacks can all be compensated.

Motorcycle accident lawyers can help victims prove their mental anguish during negotiations to reach a fair final settlement amount.

Lost Wages

The average settlement for a motorcycle accident features coverage for any lost wages. If a victim encounters a severe injury that prevents them from working, the injury settlement should cover the cost of the income they could not receive.

Motorcycle Damage

Many motorcycle riders place a lot of pride in their bike. It is difficult for a motorcycle to leave an accident scene unscathed.

As such, motorcycle accident cases settle for covering the cost of the damages sustained on the bike. After recovering, the driver can return to the open road.

How Long Does It Take to Reach a Settlement?

The duration of motorcycle accident cases depends on the specific characteristics of the accident. All parties involved must negotiate and agree to a final settlement. The parties include everyone involved in the accident, their insurance companies, and their respective legal representatives.

A personal injury lawyer wants to get the most money for their clients. Meanwhile, an insurance company does all it can to pay the least money possible. This conflict can take longer, but both sides often know when they are getting the best offer for the situation.

Insurance companies usually settle when the case is too clear to dispute. Therefore, having an experienced and trusted attorney can help victims recover the most compensation as swiftly as possible.

Why Hire a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Why Hire a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

There are many reasons to hire a motorcycle accident lawyer. So much so that it is practically obligatory for victims to have one by their side. They provide legal advice to reach the best settlement value. Additionally, they work with insurance providers so that victims do not have to worry about enduring tough negotiating conversations.

Attorneys aid in collecting evidence, which helps strengthen the final settlement amount. Police reports, witness statements, and photo documentation can all be included in this.

A lawyer can also advise when it is best to file a motorcycle accident lawsuit. Most cases settle outside of court. However, there are times when the personal injury claim must proceed into further legal action.

Reliable attorneys are going to avoid a lawsuit as much as possible. However, when it becomes necessary, they have the legal know-how to protect their clients.

A car accident has similar characteristics to a motorcycle accident, and a lawyer can assist clients in these cases too.

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The average motorcycle accident settlement costs about $80,000, but clients can recover more for their cases. They need a trusted attorney on their side who fights for their financial restitution in the aftermath of a crash can can help with insight on how you recover from a motorcycle accident trauma.

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