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Who Is Responsible for Most Motorcycle Accidents?

No matter how safe motorcycle riders are on the road, there are only so many safety measures they can take to protect themselves from other drivers. Passenger car drivers often possess fault in most motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycle riders know they must take extra precautions when on the road, especially as motorcycle accident statistics show that fatal injuries are more likely in the event of a crash.

Continue reading to learn more about who is often responsible for most motorcycle accidents, how they happen, and when to hire legal representation.

How Most Motorcycle Accidents Happen

How Most Motorcycle Accidents Happen

No motorcycle crash is the same; however, most motorcycle accidents are caused by similar scenarios. Being aware of these causes of wrecks can help riders be a little more protected. Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys has more insight on questions like, "What is the most common motorcycle accident?"

Distracted Drivers

One of the main agents of motorcycle crashes is distracted driving. It can be challenging for riders to avoid these types of motor vehicle operators, but being alert for reckless drivers can compel motorcyclists to slow down and avoid them.

This category also includes reckless passenger vehicle driving wherein a negligent driver may not be aware of their surroundings, leading to fatal motorcycle accidents. Speeding and swerving could contribute to this.

Driving under the influence is another way distracted car drivers can provoke a motorcycle crash. As such, riders should be aware of any motor vehicles operating strangely.

Head-On Collisions

Some motorcycle accidents happen as rear-end collisions, but head-on crashes tend to be more common causes of motorcycle accidents. This is when a car or another vehicle hits a motorcycle rider from the front. Often, the driver is liable for the rider's injuries.

Left-Turn Accidents

Motorcycle riders could be in danger of an accident during left-hand turns - whether the biker is turning or the car attempts to do so.

A motorcycle wreck can happen when the other driver is turning left but does not see the oncoming rider. It is also possible for a car to collide when the motorcyclist is trying to pass the turning driver.

These accidents often occur because the driver does not pay attention or fails to see the biker in their mirrors.

They must always be alert for motorcyclists on the road, as the rider is less protected in the event of a motorcycle accident. Therefore, car drivers are usually at fault in most motorcycle collisions.

Lane Splitting

Many motorcycle accident cases involve lane-splitting. This is the action of motorcycle drivers coasting between road lanes, often during stopped or slowed traffic. In Ohio, lane-splitting is illegal, but can still happen - especially since other states permit the action.

While other drivers are typically at fault in most motorcycle wrecks, this is one of the situations wherein the biker could be found responsible.

Brake Checking

Another common cause of motorcycle accidents is brake checking. Although it is illegal, some drivers still practice this action, which is the slamming of brakes to force the driver behind them to do the same to cause a crash.

Drivers may brake check because their insurance company could easily cite the case as a rear-end collision, placing the blame on the other driver. As a result, a motorcycle accident could occur because a driver intends to cause one.

Not Yielding

Most motorcycle crashes occur when drivers of passenger vehicles fail to see a biker. This is especially common when yielding or merging. Drivers need to be aware of other vehicles on the road, but sometimes they fail to do so.

As such, not yielding to motorcycle riders can cause motorcycle accidents and could lead to fatal injuries.

Weather Conditions

A motorcycle accident could also occur due to weather conditions and the subsequent quality of the roads. Rain can spur hydroplaning, and cold weather could cause skids and slides. Therefore, bikers should take extra safety precautions when getting on the road during tough conditions.

If a wreck occurs due to weather, a motorcycle accident lawyer can still assist riders in recovering proper compensation for damages and injuries.

At What Speed Is a Motor Vehicle Collision Likely to Happen?

According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, 29 percent of fatal motorcycle accidents occurred because someone exceeded the posted speed limit. Maintaining the legal speed can help keep all drivers on the road safer.

Even low speed limits can invoke catastrophic personal injury in a collision. Nevertheless, higher speeds can lead to drivers losing control more easily, causing a collision. The higher acceleration also increases the chances of fatal injuries from a crash.

How to Prove Fault in an Auto Accident

Working with a trusted legal professional can help motorcyclists build their case to receive compensation after a wreck. However, they can take certain measures before hiring a motorcycle accident attorney to aid in determining fault.

Some of the steps bikers can take include:

  • Filing a police report

  • Taking pictures of the accident scene

  • Taking witness statements - if possible

  • Visiting a doctor

  • Collecting medical bills and other relevant documents

An experienced lawyer can help accident victims collect all the evidence needed to prove liability. If a driver can start assembling this testimony, it can make for a smoother legal process. Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys can help with questions like, "How do you recover from a motorcycle accident trauma?"

What Does a Settlement Cover?

What Does a Settlement Cover?

Filing a claim or a lawsuit can help accident victims financially recover from the crash. Many expenses can be incurred in the aftermath, so the at-fault party must be held responsible for their actions.

A settlement can cover the cost of any of the following:

  • Medical bills

  • Property damages

  • Pain and suffering

  • Mental anguish

  • Lost wages

  • Wrongful death

Hire a Lawyer for a Motorcycle Accident Claim

A professional motorcycle accident lawyer can help victims recover from their financial losses after a crash. To successfully receive compensation, they must prove the fault of the other drivers involved. An attorney assists in collecting relevant evidence and taking the best legal action.

However, motorcycle accident victims endure a lot, so they cannot just choose anyone for their representation. War for You features a team of expert attorneys who fight for every one of their clients.

Contact War for You in Cincinnati, Ohio, for distinguished service because, as always, we go to war for you!


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